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Destination: Durban (South Africa)
Durban: The main city of the east coast.
Durban beach front before the sunset.

This coastal town occupies the third place in the order of most populated cities of South Africa, only behind Johannesburg and Cape Town. The city of Durban is located in KwaZulu -Natal, which is also the most populous city, this province is located on the east coast of South Africa, bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean.
The port activity plays an important role in Durban's economy. The Port of Durban is the busiest freight terminal in Africa. Trade and tourism are the other two pillars of the economy and the region.

In terms of tourism, the beaches of Durban are the main attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the city and the province every day. Marine wildlife is varied, special admiration aroused sharks off the west coast of South Africa.
Durban, South Africa.
There are several companies that make daily excursions purpose of watching these marine animals. For lovers of the sea, not wanting to be mounted on a boat, have to know that the Durban Aquarium is one of the largest in the world.

The Durban climate is very pleasant throughout the year, with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Maximum temperatures remain between 25 and 30 degrees almost every day of the year, during the months of October to November is when the night temperatures are more pleasant, although in these months is when most rainfall occurs in the city of Durban.

Durban has an international airport that operates direct flights connecting the city with other destinations of South Africa and major cities of Africa, Europe and Middle East.
The main airline operating in the airport of Durban is Southafrican Airlines.

Durban is a very popular tourist destination in South Africa, thousands of travelers come to this region every month. Check the booking website for prices and availability.

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