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Destination: Mahé (Seychelles)
Mahé: The paradise of Seychelles.
Aerial view of Victoria, capital of Seychelles.

Mahé is the largest of the Seychelles and the most populated island, is also the nerve center of all economic activity in the country. The Seychelles capital, Victoria, is situated on the east coast of Mahé. Mahé Island is located in the tropics and has a warm climate throughout the year, the months of May to September are the peak tourist season coinciding with the time of lower volume of rainfall.

Victoria, capital and largest city of Seychelles is located in the island of Mahé, where the the seat of the powers of government of the country and most of the companies operating in Seychelles are.

The main tourist attractions are the beaches of Mahé, their natural surroundings and its seabed. It is also highly rated by all visitors to Seychelles tranquility that the island and the country in general day to day work.
Diving and snorkeling are verypopular activities that the visitor can practice in the waters of Seychelles.
Gaulette Mahe, Seychelles.
Other wind sports such as windsurf or kitesurf can be practiced in the archipielago during the windy season, between May and September.
Yacht chartering is probably the top ranked activity to practice in the Seychelles. There are several yacht charter companies where the sailing enthusiast can rent a boat for island hopping.

The island of Mahé has a tropical climate. It means warm and humid with strong maritime influences. The temperature is consistently between 24 and 32°C, there is no distinct dry season and there is some humidity at all times.

Seychelles International Airport is the only one that operates daily flights with other parts of Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The airport is located 8 kilometers from Victoria, on the east coast of the island of Mahé.
Ferries departing from Mahé link the city with other islands of Seychelles.

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