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Destination: Nassau (Bahamas)
Nassau: The gate to Bahamas.
Turquoise waters of Nassau, Bahamas.

Nassau is the capital, the commercial and cultural heart of the Bahamas. The city has a population of around 260,000 inhabitants, being the largest city in the archipelago and with approximately 70% of the population.

The peak tourist season is from November to April. Bahamas has always been considered a tourist destination for high class, although there are activities for all budgets today. Bahamas has over 700 islands.

Nassau is a great place for thouse who love the sealife. There are unimited diving and snorkeling spots along the coastline.
The Christ Church Cathedral, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and The Cloisters Nassau are the cultural spots that the culture and history lovers can not miss when in Nassau.
Somewhere near Nassau.
Yacht chartering is a top ranked activity for the visitors that choose Bahamas for their vacation. There are several yacht charter companies based in Nassau and other parts of the country.
Nature and wildlife enthusiasts wild find in the Ardastra Gardens, and the Zoo and Conservation Center, two places where to get lost wachting amazing animals from the region.
Straw market is a place where to buy goods imported from Asia with a sprinkling of local crafts, local shells from the sea are the preffered items. It is also a good place to meet the locals lifestyle.

Nassau features a tropical monsoon climate with relatively consistent temperatures throughout the course of the year. Summertime temperatures reach about 32ºC and the winter months have daytime temperatures between 23ºC and 27°C, rarely falling below 15°C.

Nassau International Airport, and is the largest airport in the Bahamas, and the largest international gateway into the country. It is a major hub for Bahamasair and is located in western New Providence island near to the capital city of Nassau. The airport contains US Border preclearance facilities allowing all US flights to operate as domestic flights upon arrival at their destination.
Ferries departing from Nassau piers link the city with other islands of the country.

Bahamas is a very popular tourist destination in the Caribbean Sea. Thousands of couples during their honeymoon come to Nassau every year. Check the booking website to get more details about hotels and resorts available in Bahamas.

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