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Destination: San Francisco (United States)
San Francisco: Being bored is not an option.
San Francisco Bridge.

San Francisco is located in the State of California, in the west coast of the country. San francisco bay is world famous for the bridge that crosses the bay and as being the scenery of many hollywood movies.

The cable cars are a famous transportation system in San Francisco. There are several lines that the visitor can use to see the city from above.
The Chine town of San Francisco is one of the most famous in the United States. Do not miss the Dragon's Gate when you go there.
The prison of Alcatraz is also other place to visit when in town.
Windy day in San Francisco.
Union Square is the heart of the city. There are several green areas where to have a walk and get lost during a sunny afternoon in the city.
The Asian Art Museum, the North beach or the Marina district are other spots where to get some culture lessons or just have a drink in front of the sea.

San Francisco cuisine is rich and varied , influenced by the many cultures and nationalities living in the state of California.
California wines enjoy great reputation and they are said to be in the same level of other first-order like the spanish or french wines.

San Francisco's climate is further modified by the location of the City on the northern end of a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the relatively cool waters of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.
Summertime in San Francisco is characterized by cool marine air and persistent coastal stratus and fog.

The international airport of San Francisco operates direct flights connecting the city with destinations all over the country. Several airlines link San Francisco airport with other major cities in America.
There are highways connecting San Francisco with Aukland and other major cities in the West part of the United States.

San Francisco has become one of the favourite tourist destinations in the West coast of the United States. There are hundreds of hotels and hostels available in the city. Check prices, and availability in the booking website.

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