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Destination: Galicia (Spain)
Galicia: The atlantic face of Spain.
Cíes Islands (Vigo)

Galicia is a Spanish region situated in the northwest of Spain. The coast of Gailicia is the most virgin coast in the entire country. There are several big bays in its more than 1000 kilometers shore making the coast of Galicia as the most beautiful in the country.

Galicia has a huge cultural legacy, an amazing gastronomy and is considered by many tourists like the most beautiful region in Spain. About 6 million tourists come to Galicia every year.

Santiago de Compostela, situated in the middle of the region, has a huge cultural and historical legacy. The Compostela's Cathedral is part of the World heritage by Unesco.
La Coruña is the second city of Galicia, situated in the northwest of the region has a beautifull coastline and nice nightlife. The Hercules tower is a 800 years old Lighthouse that is still working.
Aerial view of La Coruña
The city of Lugo is situated in the heart of the region, 80km far away from the shore. Its more than 2000 years old roman walls are World herigate by Unesco since 2000. Among its streets and squares the visitor can feel the roman empire legacy in the city.
Beaches and islands all over the coast of Galicia are also other interesting spots. Places that most impress tourists are the Cies Islands (Municipality of Vigo), Beach of the cathedrals and corrubedo dunes.

The galician gastronomy is great an delicious, it has been recognized internationally as one of the best in the world the menu is varied and abundant local dishes.

The summer season is perfect in this region of Spain. The weather is not cold, but is neither warm like in the south. The temperatures are between 25 C – 32 C what makes the summer the high season in the region.

There are three diferent airports in te region situated in Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and La Coruña. These airports operate direct daily flights connecting the region with other cities in Spain and the major european capitals such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rome or Istambul among others.

There are hundreds of hotels and hostels all over the region. Check prices, and availability for your dates and destinations in the booking website.

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