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Destination: Tuscany (Italy)
Tuscany: The heart of the italian gastronomy.
Elba Island, Tuscany.

Tuscany is an Italian region located on the west coast of the italic peninsula. The capital of Tuscany is the city of Florence, which is also the largest city and economic and administrative center of the region.

In this region, nature has different manifestations, beginning with the coast, alternating long sandy beaches, such as Versilia, with cliffs and rocky promontories. Are beyond the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation , crystal clear waters and rich seabed.

The city of Florence, is the capital of the Tuscany, the city of Siena and the city of Lucca, all of them far away from the mediterranean shore.
The internationally know city of Pisa and its architectonic downtown, situated in the south of the Tuscany region.
The Tuscan archipielago. Truly popular is the Elba Island, or Insola di Elba in Italian.
Aerial view of Viareggio harbour.
The splendid Gulf of Baratti and archaeological sites Vetulonia, Vulci and Pitigliano preserved necropolis and the remains of the Etruscan civilization, while Roselle and Cosa we provide memories of Roman times.
Sailing the Tirrenean sea is one of the most popular activities during the summer season. The yacht charters and sailing boats is an activity on the rise in this part of Italy, the Tuscan Archipelago is an ideal interisland shipping to enjoy the beauty of the islands. Summer is the peak tourist season, which runs from June to September.
Other natural landscapes can be admired in the Apuan Alps and in many protected areas, including Virtual OrbetelloViaje lagoon, home to numerous species of migratory birds, such as heron rose. But the most characteristic landscapes of the region are those that blend harmoniously the beauty of nature with the ancient human presence.

Food and wine lovers will find in Tuscany one of the sanctuaries of the italian cusine.

The climate is fairly mild in the coastal areas, and is harsher and rainy in the interior, with considerable fluctuations in temperature between winter and summer. The temperatures in summer can easely reach 30C in the noon.

Major airports in the region are located in Pisa and Florence, both operate domestic and international flights to major Italian and European cities.
Main airlines flying to Tuscany airports are Alitalia and other lowcost airlines such as Easyjet or Vueling airlines.

Tuscany is one of the most internationally know tourist destinations. There are thousands of hotels and resorts where to spend a few realxing days will be always a good idea. Check the booking website for rates and availability.

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