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Destination: Italy
Italy: a country
Nortwest coast of Sicily.

Located in Southern Europe, Italy is a Mediterranean country with all the elements necessary to be a world -class tourist destination. Each Italian region would need more than a week to start to know and enjoy it. You can’t say that the best of Italy is concentrated in a single location , each Italian region has its tangible and intangible treasures, and which together form one of the countries with the history and culture of the world.

The province of Lazio, host of the capital, Rome, is the exclusive atmosphere of the capital innumerable treasures.

The surrounding territory has lived and starring reflecting the secular history of the Eternal City. It is an area that offers sea, nature, good food and villages full of history and art.
Channels of Venice.

The province of Rome, in fact, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and enjoys d eun Mediterranean climate on the coast and in the continental interior. The coastline stretches from north to south, from the Fiumicino and municipalities that face Lake Bracciano, the largest in the province, to the border with the province of Latina.

Other areas to note are the Tuscany region located on the West Coast, where tourist sea, city and mountain views. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily, which limit the Tyrrhenian Sea or the Veneto region, home to the city of Venice, internationally known for its canals and architecture.

Italy has many international airports which connect almost anywhere in the country with lots of destinations worldwide. Especially fortunate are resident in Europe, you might enjoy some Italian region on a weekend getaway.

Recreational boating has always been a very good option on the Italian coasts, in the regions of the Italian peninsula and islands. Particularly interesting is the area of the Tuscan archipelago. The island of Elba is the basis of many charter companies.

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