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Destination: Vancouver (Canada)
Vancouver: The heart of British Columbia..
Aerial view of Vancouver.

Vancouver is one of the four most important urban centers in Canada, with Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. It is also the economic center and most populated city of British Columbia, located to the west side of the country.

Friendly canadian people, great weather during the summer season, delicious cuisine, luxury resorts, amazing landscapes and one of the best enviroment for snow sports. British Coulumbia is the place where to have a great vacation when visiting Canada.

Victoria island is one of the favourites places for the visitors of Vancouver. The architecture and beautiful urban landscapes make Victoria an amazing area.
Snow sports have also their place near Vancouver. British Columbia mountains are the spot where to practice these kind of sports.
Victoria island, in British Columbia.
Whale whatching is also a interesting activity to do in the waters of Vancouver. There are several companies that organize tours and excursions during the spring and summer seasons.
Often called the envy of the world, Stanley Park is the soul of Vancouver city. It's also the largest park in North America. The park has a nine kilometeres long walk with spectacular views of the sea waterfront.
Lovers of recreational boating can find in Canada one of the most striking natural landscapes in the world. The west coast of Canada is rich in islands, islets and bays where the blue waters mixes the green forests.

Due to the large asian population stablished in the city. Vancouver is home of some of the best sushi, and asean cuisine in North America.

Vancouver has one of the wettest and foggiest climates of Canada’s cities. At times, in winter, it can seem that the rain will never stop and the sky will be grey for ever, but spring and summer replaces this feeling very fast. Vancounver winter is cold, but not so cold as other areas of Canada, where the cold is extreme.
The temperatures can easily reach 28ºC during the summer time.

The airport of Vancouver is situated in Sea Island (Richmond) and is the second busiest airport in the country. It operates direct daily flights to other major airports in Europe, Oceania, Asia and South America. The airport serves as a hub for Air Canada.

As the area of Vancouver is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada, there are hundreds, if not thounsands of hotels, hostels and guesthouses all over the region.. Check the booking website to get more information about pricing and availability.

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